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Elytica provides optimization and predictive modelling as a service to the mining industry to solve complex problems on both an operational and a strategic level. Mathematical models are applied to perform enterprise-wide optimization by incorporating, e.g., schedule optimization, blending, inventory and logistics, plant efficiency, etc. Optimization goals are formulated to align with strategic objectives, e.g. a risk-adjusted maximization of NPV.



The competitive nature of the financial industry requires more innovative methodologies for product pricing and marketing. The Elytica arsenal of finance-specific optimization models includes e.g. direct marketing and campaign optimization, as well as credit pricing on a portfolio level. Optimization-based predictive modelling approaches are followed to produce interpretable parsimonious models.



Advanced algorithmic approaches are embedded within the Elytica platform to solve Passive Optical Network (PON) planning problems. Apart from topology design and splitter dimensioning, survivability requirements and demand uncertainty are taken into account for designing cost-effective access networks.

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Access to more data, e.g. global markets and weather data, provides the agriculture industry with opportunities to do better planning and improve how they manage their operations. The Elytica platform allows for the sourcing of weather data as well as the logging of IoT data to calibrate weather prediction models with localized information. Scheduling of operational tasks and the allocation of resources are some of the optimization models available on the Elytica platform.

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